Why rent when you can have and adjust a new house?


Renting a house can headache. Rented houses are not always in the best environment or school district and limited home choices. As a tenant, you have little or no control over decisions such as making repairs, additions, or even something that is as simple as painting the wall. Also as a tenant you don’t get many benefits from home ownership, such as tax deductions and home equity growth. Speaking of equity, the owner of a rented house can decide to sell a house or can die, with the court of approval letters that order homes for sale and the results are evenly distributed to all living families. Most likely, this will require a tenant to move with short notice. New house builders are willing to work with home buyers to build their dream homes.

During a bad economy it might be the best time to buy a new home for home buyers for the first time. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), there are many financing programs available for home buyers for the first time, which represents around 47% of the total market share. The term “first time homeyer” refers to someone who does not have a house in the last 3 years, as defined by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). To encourage home purchases, FHA has created a special loan program for first qualified home buyers, even those who have less perfect credit.

Some people say they prefer to rent a house than to have one because the homeowner is a lot of responsibility. They are afraid that there is an error, they will have financial repair worries, which can be rather expensive. For this reason, I always show two things: insurance program and home warranty. Home owner insurance, which is relatively inexpensive and included in monthly payments for those who finance their homes, cover most major disasters such as fire, floods, and storm damage. The home warranty program takes other things that can be wrong such as electrical repairs, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Most new houses come with a standard one-year warranty that includes defects in the workmanship and coverage of all the main equipment. In addition, you usually accept a 10-year structural warranty, give you peace of mind that you have a solid roof above your head, and there must be something wrong, fixing the main structural problems. Once you are out of your initial 1-2 year old building warranty, homeowners can buy a home warranty program from third party companies to include potential improvements related to air conditioning equipment and equipment / have peace of mind.

Choosing a new home allows buyers to be part of the home construction process. Most new home builders allow customers to choose:

Color of interior space
Floor plan specifications
Floors, including tiles, carpets and wood / lamination
Wooden trim and crown mold
Exterior paint color
Kitchen cabinets
Tile or herpes zoster
Other custom options
This is very big advantage of versus existing houses or rent. Obviously with a rental house, if you don’t like the color of a particular room, you will need the owner’s permission to change the color, and there is no guarantee they will give you permission. Say they do it, you are still responsible for the costs associated with painting and decoration. You will not see the long-term value of your investment because you will leave home at the end of the lease agreement. You can forget other changes that you might want to make home that you can achieve if you buy from a new home builder.

Now is the time to start investing in your own new home and to stop paying rent. Start undergoing American dreams and having new home builders start building your dream home. You will not only control your own future, but you can do your part to help improve the American economy.

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