How to optimize the speed of browsing regardless of a slow internet connection


Today the internet has become an integral part of a modern lifestyle. Everyone requires it to send e-mail, download files and obtain information. In this fast-paced life, a slow internet connection is the cause of irritation. This leads to waste time together with it causing a lot of discomfort. In such a scenario, it becomes very important to know about how to handle a slow internet connection.

By following the steps mentioned below you can increase the speed of search and send or receive emails faster than before.

Compress the file before you send it

You have to compress or zip files if you send many files together related to similar subject lines. The combined measure of several files can be reduced by compression utilities such as WinZip or WinRAR. This can be sent in less time because it occupies fewer space in the recipient’s inbox and helps increase your search speed.

Turn-off Graphics on Windows Internet Explorer

Another very good way to increase search speed is to turn off the graph. Graphs need longer to load and hence choosing from this will definitely increase the internet speed for the most part.

Add your cache to load a faster web page

If you increase the size of the internet file cache while in Internet Explorer, you will have a better search speed. It happens because the system you can easily revisit the webpage if stored as a temporary file. Your computer needs less time to open a page because the page image has been downloaded and stored in your system as a temporary Internet file.

Offline browsing.

If you need to visit a particular page, then you can store web pages locally on your system and browse pages even if you are not connected. It saves your time and you get the information needed even if the connection is lost.
With so much information available on the web, you need a quick internet connection to keep your productivity high. But sometimes, you might find a problem that requires expert technical support. The best way to solve it quickly is to find help from the expert computer support service provider.

Optimizing Microsoft Outlook with a slow internet connection

Here are some ways that you can easily work with Microsoft Outlook:

Use a simple email signature to reduce the size of e-mail

Email signatures provide a professional look for your message but they also occupy unnecessary space. Some of the images used in the signature increase the time needed to send an email because of its heavy size. So by not using it, you indirectly contribute to fast internet search.
You are advised to use a simple signature created with typical text, combining fonts, colors and types. It makes your signature small and you can send or receive emails faster.

Use the contact group to send e-mail

Contact groups are utilities offered by Microsoft Outlook that can be used to send emails to many people in the same group. Accelerated Email shipping process compared to sending letters to each recipient separately.

Use cache exchange mode in Outlook to work offline

You can continue working with your Microsoft Outlook using Cached Exchange Mode even if your internet connection is lost for any reason. It happens because the copy of your mailbox is stored on your computer with Cached Exchange mode. This increases your search speed because it allows you to achieve data quickly. This is because it is often updated with a letter server.

Quick browsing has many benefits. You save a lot of time when downloading data, sending or receiving emails, sending large files etc. In addition, the search is slow irritating users because he needs to spend more time. To increase the speed of calling a call provider of experienced computer support services and enjoy the benefits.

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