Good health for all


At present, our health care system is mainly based on disease treatment after appearing. And while it’s never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle, why not start now, rather than waiting until you or a loved one has been diagnosed with chronic disease?

Many of us access current health care in the main treatment. We want to do more for our health and don’t know where to switch. We may have a diagnosis and currently the drug is prescribed. Which supplements can we take that will be safe and most helpful? What else can we do to recover and improve our health and well-being?

Or if we are currently not treated for certain diseases, how healthy we are now? Do we feel in optimal conditions or do we seem to drag all day? How is the quality of our sleep? Do we feel the balance in our lives? And what can we do everyday to increase our overall sense of health and well-being, before the disease is set?

Increasing personal awareness is the first step that is important to achieve health. Be aware there are things you can do every day to be healthy and stay healthy are the most critical steps. After you realize, you start a lifetime trip that will only enrich the quality of your life and the people around you. This is a private transformation trip.

Second, health involves a mindset. The mindset is that you are worth the effort. Maybe the biggest reason people let their health worsen is that they don’t feel worthy of the time and effort needed. They failed to realize that if they did not take care of themselves, they would not be good to others. In fact, when their health worsens, they need to depend on other people to take care of them. And the disease is not a fun way to live. Ask anyone who tied home or needs to rely on a ride for the appointments. Or someone who is too weak to enjoy many things. Or too much pain.

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