Natural effects on our mental health


What is natural and how does it affect our health? Well this is one of the main questions we encounter today in connection with having the right mental health. If we try to understand the meaning of nature in terms of dictionary definition, it clearly declares nature as a natural physical world including plants, animals and landscapes etc. This refers to the phenomenon of physical world. In general it also refers to the method associated with dead objects and ways in which certain things exist and their own harmony changes.

Now see the current scenario, today if we try to connect the term properties with respect to health then it won’t be wrong. Plants represent vital elements of the original ecological system where human species evolved. Maybe the time has come when we all see the natural impact on public health and individuals. Since the evolution of life, nature is always displayed as the main component in the health promotion model. Our relationship with nature is like a basic component that helps maintain good health.

According to research recently done in the UK, it was found that more than 75% of people lived in urban areas and as a result detachment with nature had contributed to a drastic increase in mental health problems. Roger Ulrich, one of the pioneers of research in this field conducted an experiment to explain that patients who suffered and recovery from identical operations were more likely to recover quickly if they had a daily view of their hospital beds.

Studies in this field also show that the welfare and psychological and physiological stress levels are significantly influenced by our natural environment. Sometimes this nature is widely used as a modern element or therapy for people who suffer physical and mental health problems. To improve your mood, now the concept such as hospital therapy parks, wilderness journey for messy people from cruel stress have a positive effect on patients. In addition in recent years, it has also been found that horticulture therapy has a growing research data body that shows many interesting mental benefits with nature.

Research from the Netherlands and Japan also revealed that people who live close to the green atmosphere live longer and enjoy a better and healthier life. A Swedish study concluded that if office personnel can look at greenery through their office windows, the farther significantly reduces stress during their workdays.

The latest studies from Germany and Australia have also confirmed the capacity of plant ecosystems to carry out strong air purifiers. Virginia Lohr at the University of Washington conducted computer-based tests in students, and observed that systolic blood pressure was lower, and measured the level of performance. It was found that the reaction time during the test was higher, if the plant was present in the computer lab.

From an economical point of view, it must be very interesting to assign a green environment that can benefit your mental health by providing an opportunity to be physically active both in terms of physical and mental health.

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