Delete Debt – 3 Ways to Organize Your Finance


If you want to delete debt, you need to seriously manage your finances. The more organized you are easier to remove debt and stay on top of all your bills and accounts. Here are 4 ways to start organizing your current finances for better financial future.

1. Dispose

The best way to start organized with your finances is to start throwing goods. This applies with any organizational plan. Eliminate waste. In your financial case, it will be all the paper traces that follow it. Every day we get a lot of bills, letters, catalogs, and junk mail in our mailbox. Learn to sort a letter as soon as you get it out of the mailbox. We throw it too often at the kitchen table with the letter we got yesterday and not open. Train yourself to open it immediately. Throw all junk mail. Sort your bill and place it where you will finally pay it, for example at your desk. Discard the catalog that you will never buy. Discard the envelope, the bill comes and all inserts are added to the bill. This will trim the pile of your daily documents into only a few pieces that are easy to file and get paid later.

2. Have a bill folder or archiving system

After you sort out all your letters and throw all the trash, place the bill in the “bill folder” or tray on your desk so that they are all in one place. Location is dedicated to just holding all the bills. Some shop office supplies sell artificial notebook size containing 12 bags, one for each month. This works well. You put all your bills in the current month’s pocket. Then when you are ready to pay the bill, you go to that pocket. All your bills are there in one place make it comfortable and easily managed. Another way to set is to buy an archiving box to hang the file and place all your bills both in individual folders or once again use 12 hanging files, one for each month like the notebook above.

3. Pay online

Another way to organize financially is to pay your bills online. Many banks, big and small, bills offer payments on their website. You must be able to set it so mortgages, utilities, credit cards, and your car payment can be paid through bill payments. It’s convenient, helping keep everything located in the center and eliminate the need to buy stamps to send bills.

4. Monitor online

In addition to paying online, there are many tools that allow you to monitor your account centrally online. Sites like lets you enter all your account information in one place and monitor your overall financial health. This will track all your credit card debt, savings and check your account, investment, car loans, and mortgages on one site and will even calculate your clean wealth based on this data.

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