How – to overcome a bad business reputation


As a business owner, we try to make every customer happy, but sometimes it’s impossible. Things happen – We or our employees make mistakes, a product does not work as referred to, or external factors cause customer experience to be negative. Every business knows that customers are upset far more likely to tell their friends about experiences than customers who are really satisfied. Don’t blame yourself this – it’s just part of the business. At the same time, your business reputation is important, and there are several ways to overcome negative perceptions.

The most important thing you can do in this situation is honest with your customers upset. If the reason they are upset is your mistake, don’t be afraid to admit it. Instead of trying to cover up mistakes and finally worsen the situation, open about this problem, overcome it, and continue if possible. I don’t say always giving customers what they want, but investigate the problem and then open with your response, whatever it is. Your customers may not be happy with resolution, and in the end you can lose their business, but more important is that other customers (who are not emotionally involved in situations) will see and appreciate your openness and honesty. Thus, it is important to clearly identify the customer procedure where you deal with customer complaints. Your store must display your customer service policy about vinyl decals adhered to every purchase point. That way, if there is a problem, this policy is completely seen by everyone involved.

Society driven online today has provided an open forum customers to post their opinions about every aspect of your business, from your customer service with the quality of your product. Many companies combine these features to their own website, and there is also a third party review site like Yelp! And CitySearch that many customers are used to determine business value, not to mention social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter. Again, realize that there is no way for you to make every customer happy, so you can accumulate some negative reviews. However, in some cases, negative reviews actually make your business look more credible, because customers can see you are quite confident in your business to allow bad reviews to stay posted. Businesses that have all the luminous reviews seem less authentic, as if business posts fake reviews or removing bad ones. Don’t let this too far, because the majority of negative reviews will hurt your business, but use site visibility to show your customer service skills. Has a negative review with a positive resolution very strong for potential customers. Encourage your customers to review your business by posting a window clings on the window you ask them to “like” you on Facebook, find you at Yelp!, Etc.

If your business damages its reputation repairs, or if you have bought a business with a bad history, consider rebranding. The name change is very helpful, as well as a refreshed display to the store and advertisement (printing window charts and banners with brand new colors, slogans, logos, etc.). Over time, old business stigma will disappear, and you have the opportunity to start. Make sure you have improved your service so that customers will see the difference!

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