How Having Both Small and Large Powder Coating Ovens Can Benefit Your Business


If you own or are considering starting a powder coating business, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to invest in both small and large powder coating ovens. The answer is yes! Having both small and large ovens can benefit your business in a number of ways. First, having both sizes of ovens gives you the flexibility to accommodate different types of jobs.

Small powder coating ovens: Advantages of having a small powder coating oven

A small-sized powder coating oven is a compact oven made for baking and curing coatings on metal objects like machine parts, automotive trim, and other industrial parts. It is typically applied to surface finish coatings like solvent-based paint, epoxy, urethane, or coatings with an acrylic base. It is therefore perfect for retrofitting into already-built facilities. Because it is shorter than other powder coating ovens and made to accommodate shorter loads, the 6x8x5 powder coating oven has a small footprint. Additionally, compared to other ovens, this small-sized powder-coating oven has a lower oven height, necessitating the use of a feeder system to feed the entire load.

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Large powder coating ovens: Advantages of having a large powder coating oven

One example of a larger version of a powder coating oven that has been modified to fit into small spaces is a 10x12x47’6 powder coating oven. As a result, it is perfect for retrofitting into already-existing facilities. The 10x12x47’6 powder coating oven is not only taller and longer than other powder coating ovens, but it also has a larger footprint, allowing it to hold longer loads like panels or machine parts. Because it is taller and longer than other ovens, the 10x12x47’6 powder coating oven has a larger footprint because the entire load does not need to be fed through a feeder system.

How are small and large powder-coating ovens the same?

Powder coating ovens with surface finish coatings include small and large sizes. Both have been designed to function in a range of industrial settings, from paint shops to machine shops, and are specially made to withstand corrosion from chemicals and exposure to the environment. Designed to bake and cure coatings on metal parts such as automotive trim, machine parts, and other industrial components, both varieties of powder coating ovens are available. Surface finish coatings like solvent-based paint, epoxy, urethane, or a coating with an acrylic base can be applied using small and large ovens.

What distinguishes them from one another?

The 6x8x5 and 10x12x47’6 powder coating ovens can be used for a variety of operations and are built to handle various loads. Shorter loads that can be fed through a feeder system can be handled by the 6x8x5 powder coating oven. Larger loads that can be fed directly into the powder coating oven 10x12x47’6 are intended to be handled by the oven. The 6x8x5 powder coating oven is perfect for some jobs because it has a smaller footprint and a shorter height and length. But it’s also less useful because it can’t handle large pieces and requires a feeder system rather than feeding itself directly.


Having both small and large powder coating ovens can benefit your business by giving you the flexibility to handle different size projects, as well as the ability to meet customer demands. This can help you stay competitive in the marketplace and continue to grow your business.

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