3 Things You Should Keep In Mind When Assigning Power Of Attorney


When it comes to estate planning and preparing for the future, assigning power of attorney is a critical step that you should not overlook. It involves granting someone else the legal authority to make important decisions on your behalf, such as financial, medical, or legal matters. While it can be a challenging decision, it is important to do it right to protect your interests. Here are three critical considerations that you should keep in mind when assigning tampa power of attorney:

Choose The Right Person

Choosing the right person to act as your agent is crucial to assigning power of attorney. After all, this individual will be entrusted with making important decisions on your behalf. That’s why choosing someone with your best interests at heart and who you can trust implicitly is essential. Look for someone reliable, responsible, and with the skills to manage the tasks required. Your agent should also be willing and able to take on the considerable responsibilities that come with this role.

Geography is another factor to consider when selecting your agent. If you choose someone who lives far away, they may find it challenging to fulfill their duties effectively. Furthermore, if your chosen agent is a family member, it is essential to assess whether they can put aside any personal biases and make decisions that align with your wishes, even if they may differ from their own opinions. Selecting the best person for this critical role can bring you peace of mind and ensure your affairs are managed per your wishes.

Be Clear About Your Wishes

When assigning power of attorney, being clear about your wishes and expectations is important. Ensure that your agent understands your values, beliefs, and priorities, so they can make decisions that align with them. It is also important to communicate any specific instructions or limitations you want to impose on your agent.

Consider drafting a living will or advanced healthcare directive that outlines your medical wishes and preferences. This can ensure that your agent understands your end-of-life preferences and can make informed decisions on your behalf. Being clear about your wishes can help your agent make decisions that are in your best interest and can prevent any misunderstandings or conflicts down the line.

Review And Update Your Power Of Attorney Regularly

Assigning power of attorney is not a one-time event. Since your circumstances and preferences may change over time, reviewing and updating your power of attorney regularly is important to ensure that it continues to reflect your wishes and needs. Additionally, it is essential to review your power of attorney document to ensure that it complies with any changes in the law or regulations that may affect your agent’s authority.


Assigning power of attorney can be a complex and challenging decision, but it is important for your future and the future of your loved ones. Choosing the right person, being clear about your wishes, and regularly reviewing and updating your power of attorney are essential considerations that can help you make an informed decision that suits your desires.

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